Who We Are

We are an ever growing family of Christ followers who are committed to feeding our city through the most efficient and ethical means possible. As we grow plants, we are growing up and making disciples within our neighborhood. We believe hard work is essential to fulfilling our calling. As a ministry, we are teaching Bible-based truths through discipleship and hard work.

Creating Opportunities

The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it. – Genesis 2:15

We long to see the city of Macon flourish. We know that to do this, the people of God must begin to take responsibility in all the areas in which the Lord has commanded us. We have been commanded to work the ground, and to do everything as unto the Lord. We strive to create work environments and career opportunities where people can be discipled and turned into true men and women of God.

We’ve had an on-going ministry with the children and young adults living in the Fort Hawkins neighborhood since 2010. As these same ones have experienced the creation of our greenhouse, they are tasting the benefits of a good work ethic. They are learning life-skills that will profit them for years to come. As we teach them how to care for the plants, we are also tending to their souls through consistent discipleship. Our children are eager to apply their “work” hours toward attending summer camp and other fun activities throughout the year.